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Brushless Gimbal


Shuriken can now offer a Brushless Gimbal capable of carrying a Red Epic or similar weight camera (about 10lbs/4kgs).

A Brushless Gimbal is essentially a hand held device for steady shots (an electronic “steadicam”).
With the operator able to pan and tilt, as well as separate remote control of the camera orientation, very complex shots are possible in 3 dimensional space.
Please contact us for more details but watch the videos for examples of the gimbal stabilising, in the extreme, a hand held walking shot and a shot which shows the Red Epic view whilst the subject films the operator.

Gimbal Demo Videos

Gimbal 3 Axis Movement
View FROM Gimbal and view OF Gimbal
Handheld walking shot, over rough ground

Brushless Gimbal

Brushless Gimbal Big-Flex F10 v2
Capable of carrying 4.5Kgs
Dual control – thumb joystick for operator and radio control for operator
24” RED LCD cable
4 x 5000ma LiPo batteries

Battery Chargers

2 x Traxxas intelligent battery chargers
2 x LiPo battery charging bags

Remote Follow Focus

Bartech Remote Follow Focus System
Various cog sizes
Cables to suit