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RED Epic


RED EPIC Digital Cinema Camera

RED Pro Top Plate
Wooden Camera Base Plate
RED pro 5.0 touch screen hd monitor
RED EPIC Canon EOS Mount
RED StationREDMAG 1.8″
RED PRO Side Handle
RED MAG 1.8″ SSD 128GB
RED MAG 1.8″ SSD 256GB
Wooden Camera V-Lock battery mounting plate
RED VOLT Travel Charger
3 x RED VOLT 14.8V 2500mAh Batteries
RED Top Handle
RED 6” LCD cable
RED 10” LCD cable
1 x Element Technica 4pin DIM to RED power Connector cable

RED –  Accessories

Red ARM 9”
2 x 3.5mm to XLR Audio Cable
2 x Casio Mics (for guide audio in)

Zeiss Super Speeds

16mm Zeiss T2.1
25mm Arriflex T1.2
35mm Arriflex T1.2
50mm Arriflex T1.3
85mm Arriflex T1.4
135mm Arriflex T2

4×4 Matte Box

4×4 Arri foldaway Matte box
4×4 Filter Lee Fliter ND.9
4×4 Filter Tiffen ND.6
4×4 Filter Formatt ND.3
4×4 Filter Hot Silver Tiffen
4×4 Polariser
4×5 Filter Tiffen ND.6 Grad
4×4 Filter Formatt Polariser
4×4 Filter Tiffen clear

Base plate 15mm

Arri sliding baseplate

Follow Focus

Arri Follow Focus and rails

Electronic View Finder (EVF)

ZACUTO Electronic Z finder
2 x Li-ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1800Mah
2 x Battery Charger
Hot Shoe Connection
0.5m Mini HDMI to HDMI lead
1m HDMI Lead

HD Monitor

Ikam V5600 HD Monitor
Ikam DC Battery Connector Plate
AC Battery Adapter
1m HDMI to HDMI lead
1m Mini HDMI to HDMI lead

HDSDI Monitor

Marscall 9” HD monitor
Mains Power Supply
Nirius HD Video transmitter
Nirius Video receiver
D-Tap to Nirius USB power cable
1m HDMI to HDMI lead
1m Mini HDMI to HDMI lead
2 x LiPo batteries for Nirius
3 Sony monitor batteries
1 Sony battery charger

V Lock Batteries

VECT ET 95-S Lithium Ion Battery
VECT ET 95-S Lithium Ion Battery
VECT ET 130-S Lithium Ion Battery
VECT ET 130-S Lithium Ion Battery
Double Charger
D-Tap to 4 pin Canon power cable
D-Tap to monitor power cable


3Ality Technica Mantis hand held rig


Sachtler Studio 7 tripod head
Satchler tripod tall legs
Sachtler tripod short legs
Cine saddle